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VEDEX is a Guatemalan company dedicated to produce, pack, and export high quality and fresh vegetables, ensuring food safety for our customers and the conservation of our fields.

We have more than 15 years of experience which has allowed us to perfect and modernize our techniques in agricultural practices and food safety in conventional and organic products. The attention to details, stability and commitment make our products meet the requirements of our customers.

Our main products are French bean, Snow Peas, Sugar Snaps, Baby Corn, Brussels sprouts, among others, which have been selected high quality standards both in our plantations and in plantations of small and medium producers.


We export fresh vegetables by air and sea 52 weeks of the year, ensuring the quality of them, we can reach anywhere in the United States and Canada via Miami, FL. or Los Angeles, CA. We enter through Amsterdam to all of Europe and by air we can reach the rest of the countries.



We have a wide variety of products, which have been selected under high quality standards to ensure that our customers receive fresh, safe and world-class products.



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The safety of our staff and food safety is our priority.


We have implemented in each of the processes, from the moment of cultivation until the final distribution, norms and agricultural protocols recognized internationally with the purpose of delivering product that meets the needs of the final consumers.


Our food safety team constantly strives to ensure good production practices while minimizing environmental impact and the use of chemicals.


We have important certifications to demonstrate our commitment:

PRIMUS GFS / Organic USDA / Global GAP


Vía 7 3-79 Zona 4 Ciudad de Guatemala C. A.

Production office in Monjas, Jalapa:

502 5918-0374

502 5613-9036

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